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Maintenance Programs


Semi-trailers need to be maintained regularly to satisfy both business and federal regulatory requirements. Transportation companies are required to maintain the safety and compliance of their trailers using guidelines mandated by the Department of Transportation’s code of Federal References (49 CFR 496.17) and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliances “Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards”.

Fleet Enterprises offers two types of maintenance service programs designed to meet these needs:

Unscheduled Maintenance Programs

As a contractor owner, you will provide quality maintenance and repair on your customer’s trailers when they need it. Fleet Enterprises’ central dispatch will notify you to go directly to your customer’s location with your mobile truck. It’s that easy!

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

With Fleet Enterprises routine maintenance programs, you will go to your customers’ locations at scheduled times. Your customers will use this consistent repair data to help lower their expenses and provide more predictable maintenance costs.


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